Thus began the story two locals ( my grandmother Teresa and O Solveira ) exchanged this Palleira with her ​​father .

For over 70 years he has had four stone walls ( with little cement ) and a wooden roof the sun , cold water and managed to break into 2005 .

The third generation of Solveiras have managed to walk , trying to respect what was left of the Palleira , but not to keep horses , cows , chickens and straw ... but for now can enjoy this wonderful country all people who want to know .

The village is called Vilardecás , one of the sixty villages that form the city of Maceda in the province of Ourense.

Located in the foothills of a mountain called Sierra de San Mamede where an already unforgettable place just 30 kilometers from the Ribeira Sacra currency

You will not find a spectacular area but it will be a show live with the few residents of the place and its surroundings. It has so much charm landscape as the peasantry .

You'll be surrounded by greenery , native trees , endless forests, cozy villages where time has not been as fast as in cities and where it is celebrated in style every minute .

You can buy bread , fruit, and other things to the van passing for just 10 meters from the front door. You'll spend days listening to the silence and tranquility of nature , sharing with neighbors playing cards , reading with birdsong line, wandering its myriad paths , knowing mountains on foot or by bicycle , walking areas very relaxing rivers , you 'll indulge your senses ....

Around the place also have a special charm . 5 kilometer most populous town , Maceda , where you can enjoy the 4th and 20th of each month of a show , which is long ago -as all residents of the region visited to buy things they did not offer the field and now also represents a meeting place where you can eat and visit the famous octopus a feira .
In Maceda you can visit a restored medieval castle, where you can see the whole valley and in summer will enjoy a municipal outdoor pool .

Around the pool there is a walk of about 3 miles along the river with games for children and adults.
About 7 miles from Vilardecás is lovely spa area - Bathroom with Molgas - playgrounds and swimming area along the river. In summer it becomes a nice area to spend a family day .
About 8 miles Vilardecás there is an area of native pottery, the village is called Niñodagia .
Across the Sierra de San Mamede is a very important town that throughout its history has essentially developed a significant and important fair Monastery . By road you can reach in about half an hour and saw the mountain crossing in 5 ½ hours . The village is Montederramo . In the monastery you can taste homemade food
About 25 miles towards Ourense able throw yourself into wine area, Ribeira Sacra. Where the grapes are grown along the banks of the river Miño and Sil . You can enjoy a 1 hour catamaran cruise through the canyons of the River Sil . There Ribeira Sacra in Ourrense province and also in the province of Lugo

About 30 kilometers away is Ourense , city of bridges and hot springs. Medicinal water flow areas around the river and in the city center - The Burgas . The old town stands primarily for its busy " wine area and spikes ." Also famous thermal pools The Chavasqueira .

To end this summary will show you some space in the house, the rest of the discover to occupy .

Health and enjoy your stay at A Palleira do Solveira .